Let Loose, Beverley: Times and prices

When your four children are aged between five and 11 it gets increasingly difficult to find a day out to suit them all.

But whatever the age of your children, there is something for everyone – including adults – at Let Loose in Beverley.

Let Loose is an adventure park with indoor and outdoor play. Obviously it’s still new so it’s all modern play equipment.

Babies and toddlers will love the soft play and sand and water play area, younger children will enjoy the low ropes and climbing wall and older children and teenagers will most enjoy the high ropes, zip wire, archery and driving the tanks.

Park entry includes access to the outdoor adventure playground, indoor baby/toddler soft play and indoor inflatable assault course. You can then pay additional fees for extra activities of your choice. You can stay all day.

Prices at Let Loose


To get into Let Loose, children aged a year and under go free.

  • Children aged 2-4: £5
  • Children aged 5-17: £7
  • Adults: £3
  • Seniors: £2.

Activities are extra.

Due to the fact there’s a lot of different things to do across all ages and height restrictions, the prices can seem confusing. There’s no “one price fits all” scenario.

There are online prices, add-ons, upgrades and downgrades (if someone has booked online and realise they are too small or too scared) and combo offers.

One member of staff told me the best way to do it is to pay for park entry, have a look around at what there is to decide what activities to do, and then if you want to do anything you can “upgrade” and the price of entry will be knocked off the activity price. For example, if you pay £7 to get in, then your child wants to try the low ropes which are £15, you would pay another £8.

The activities at Let Loose

High Ropes, ages 10+, must be 1.4m tall £25


These are the first things you notice as you arrive. As the name suggests, they’re high, and there’s 22 challenges to complete and sessions last an hour and half. The course runs outdoor and indoor.

First you’re given a safety briefing, then you’re shown how to use the safety rail system, and then you’re off. My 11-year-old absolutely loved this.

You can pay for high ropes and get unlimited drop and slide included for free.

If you wish to add Climbing Wall, Big Leap and Super Slide or Zip Wires to your High or Low Ropes or Archery Booking, it’s just £5 each activity when booked onsite.

Low ropes, age 7+ (or age 5+ with an adult) £15


This is indoor. I did this with my five, seven and nine year olds. My nine-year-old was off like a pro and my seven-year-old got stuck a couple of times. My five-year-old was quite nervous, but Kieran the instructor soon noticed and came to help. She wanted to turn back but with his help every step of the way she managed to complete the course.

Pay for low ropes and get unlimited drop and slide included.

Unlimited Big Leap and super slide £10


If doing the high or low ropes you get unlimited slide and leap included and there’s no need to book a time slot. Whizz down the slide onto a crash mat and leap off a platform as many times as you dare!

Climbing wall – age 5+ £7.50


There’s both indoor and outdoor climbing walls. The instructors belay participants and sessions last half an hour.

Zip wire £10


There are three giant zip wires now in action, and at 150m they are thought to be the longest in the region. Participants climb to the top of the tire and launch themselves over the car park and end up in the field opposite. Participants are given two goes.

Archery – ages 7+ 1.5 hour session: Ages 7-15 £10, age 16+ £15


The outdoor target range gives children a chance to get real hands-on training and guidance. My three children were put in a group with two other boys.

They’re taught to use bows and arrows to match their strength, size and age.

Tank Heroes

We didn’t get to try the Tank Heroes as they’re not available every day. Check website for operating days.

No Picnics

Let Loose does have a strict policy on picnics. They’re not allowed. I can see why this would put many families off visiting. By taking a picnic it does allow families to keep the cost down.

We take a picnic on all our days out. However, when you go to other places and see how people leave their rubbish for staff to clear up, you can see why the owners decided to operate this policy.

To avoid spending more in the café, I did see a few people going and having a picnic in their car, then re-entering the park once they had finished!



We ate in the café, which does have a wide selection of food. I got my two children the sandwich box which has a sandwich, crisps, muffin and a drink for £4.50. I had a jacket potato with tuna for £3.80.

What the kids said


We did a lot of activities so it’s no surprise my children have not stopped talking about our visit. Lewis, 11 said his favourite activity was the high ropes, Emily, 9 preferred the zip wire, Oliver, 7 loved the archery and Jasmine, 5 enjoyed the climbing wall the most.

Worth a visit?

Let Loose is definitely worth a visit. Even if you don’t do any activities, on a nice day you can spend a few hours there, however there’s no doubt kids will want to try at least one activity while there.

All the staff are unbelievably friendly and encouraging too which makes a real difference.

Need to know

We booked our ropes sessions for 10am when the park opened and it was perfect as it was really quiet. My son was the only one on the high ropes so had the entire course to himself! It got busier as the day went on and then quietened off at around 4pm.

Kids can have their birthday parties at Let Loose. Parking is free. Sensible footwear is required!

Find Let Loose on Hull Rd, Woodmansey, Beverley HU17 0RS – it’s near Coletta and Tyson.



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