Trolleybus Museum, Sandtoft

With my five-year-old son learning about transport at school, it seemed like the perfect time to visit the Trolleybus museum for an educational, yet fun day out.

It’s home to the world’s largest collection of well-preserved trolleybuses and when you arrive you really do feel like you’re stepping back onto streets from years gone by.

The museum is open to the public many times a year for event days, generally between Easter and November, when you can ride on a selection of trolleybuses.

The kids loved jumping onboard and climbing upstairs to take their seat ready for the ride.




The buses drive a large loop around the site, which gave an experience of what it was like when they were in service and, while the bus was moving, the conductor came to collect the tickets with his old-fashioned machine.

We were surprised by what good condition they were all in – from the seats to the paintwork, they’re pristine, and you can hop on as many as often as you like.

The day out is perfect for enthusiasts, but also for families with children who love to explore.


We also enjoyed a half-hour motor bus ride off site around the local area with interesting commentary.

There’s also a number of trolleybuses under shelter to view and climb on – all from different regions.

It’s interesting to see original features, including signs displaying rules such as ‘Smokers are requested to occupy rear seats’.

The museum is a charity and run entirely by passionate volunteers who are more than happy to share their knowledge and help – I can’t remember when I last felt so welcomed at an attraction.

The kids particularly liked the small outdoor play area with slides and swings and we also enjoyed a nosy in the 1950s prefab home.

Belle in the prefab 1950s home

It’s not somewhere you might spend a full day, but there is a café and picnic areas and plenty of open space.

There’s also an indoor fun room with games and a smaller summer house to play in near the outdoor play area.

The indoor games room

Five minutes up the road is the Reindeer Inn, which has a lovely beer garden and kids play area if you want to extend your day out. We had the most gorgeous Sunday lunch whilst sat outside and ended up staying at the pub for a few hours which was a perfect way to round off the day.


The Reindeer Inn beer garden



LOCATION: Sandtoft, Yorkshire.

OPEN: Several weekends of the year. Check online.

PRICES: Children five to 15: £6. Anyone over 16: £8. Under fives free.

CALL: 01724 711391