Rushmoor Country Park, Louth

THEY SAY: A small and friendly country style farm park. Set in six acres of Lincolnshire countryside.

WE SAY: Small, but good if you like to get hands-on with the animals.

If you want a hands-on experience, Rushmoor Country Park is the place to visit.

Our on recent day out there – the first time we’ve ever been – my children held everything from owls and rabbits to rats and hamsters.


The family-run business has been open since 2001 and are keen for children to meet the animals.

We were particuarly impressed with the hawk and owl display. Joel, the hawk trainer was very passionate about his role and took the time to explain everything you would want to know, before flying different birds and then letting the children hold a little owl.
The daily displays and handling are included in the entry price and was the highlight of our visit.


TIP: If you arrive before 11am the price is reduced to £5.75 per person.

The country park is quite small – it’s perhaps not big enough for a full day out. We spent a few hours there might have stayed longer if it was warmer.
There’s a lovely cafe with a full menu and mouth-watering cakes on display. Apart from that it’s all outdoors so not somewhere to go if it’s raining.

Directly outside there’s a large field with a bouncy castle which is adjacent to another field with swings and a slide. It’s a shame there’s not more to play on here though.
There’s plenty of picnic tables if you want to take your own food and also a large garden where you can walk around the pond.


The main animal farm area makes up the main part of the attraction. Here you can bottle feed the lambs in Spring and feed the goats. There’s also horses, pigs and sheep.

Children can also enjoy a pony ride. However be sure to check the times on the noticeboard on arrival because they only ran once on the day we visited and so we missed them.


There’s also an indoor hut with smaller animals in which is where my children held the rats and rabbits. It was the first time my children have ever held rats and closer than I’d want to be to them. But my son loved having it on his knee and let it hide in his jacket and even my two-year-old daughter was laughing out loud as it crawled across her knee.

Being fairly small it’s perhaps not somewhere we would rush back to, but if you’ve not been before it’s nice for a change. Parking is free.


  • Reviewed April 2016



LOCATION: Louth Road, North Cockerington, Louth, Lincolnshire LN11 7DY.
OPEN: Open every day through school holidays from 10am to 5pm. Oppen Tuesday to Sunday during term time. Closed on Mondays during term time.
PRICES: @ £6.75 per person. Children aged two and under enter free.
CALL: 01507 327184




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