Redworth Hall Hotel, County Durham


As we drove up the sweeping drive towards Redworth Hall Hotel, I wondered whether we had made a mistake bringing the kids.

Picture the scene. A beautiful hotel, and me and my sister with four kids in tow. The website said it was family- friendly – but they all say that.  I was worried we might not fit in among other guests seeking a quiet, luxury break away.

I’m not saying our children aren’t well behaved, but I’d much rather my two- year-old threw a strop in a budget chain hotel surrounded by other stressed-out parents who understand, than in a luxury one with guests who may not be quite so forgiving.

Praying they would behave as we stepped into the amazing reception hall , I need not have worried, thanks to the lovely staff who welcomed the children with open arms. They were given a treasure hunt sheet and encouraged to explore the hotel to look for clues so for them the hotel was already a winner!




We soon found the Great Hall, with its original Jacobean features and open fireplace, and got lost several times making our way through the building.

The hotel is secluded and tranquil, yet just minutes from the A1.

We reached our luxury room by climbing a grand, sweeping wooden staircase rising up from the Baronial Lounge.

The room was impressive with comfortable beds, sofas, and a roomy bathroom and the kids thought it was amazing.

The 1744 Restaurant serves exquisite dishes in fine surroundings and we enjoyed three courses for £25.

And the 14m hotel pool, designed in the style of Roman baths, is impressive, but the whirlpool bath, steam room, sauna and gym would have to wait until we revisit without children.


But the icing on the cake for the kids was the soft play area. Behind a closed door lay a world of tubes and slides that didn’t infringe on the hotel at all. Directly outside is the cafe area which overlooks the pool. We visited after our evening meal (to tire the kids out before bed) so we took our wine with us and enjoyed a drink whilst they played. Our kids were the only ones in there so it was heaven for them, and not so bad for us too!

Somehow, the hotel is perfect for families, but also the ideal place for couples to seek some rest and relaxation.

  • Reviewed November 2015



LOCATION: Redworth Hall Hotel and Country Club,  Surtees Rd, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 6NT.

CALL: 0800 808 9596.



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