The Jungle Zoo, Cleethorpes

THEY SAY: The Jungle Zoo are proud to be one of the newest interactive zoo attractions to be found anywhere within the UK, aiming to be the best small family zoo in the country!

WE SAY: Small friendly zoo, and very hands-on.

As we walked through the Jungle Zoo with all the animals safely behind glass, my three-year-old son bent down to stroke a big plastic Iguana – then it moved!

Oliver nearly shot out of his skin – we had all thought it was a pretend one, but, as the website promises – this is a place where you can get up close and personal with the animals.

After the initial shock, Oliver slowly went back towards it and really enjoyed stroking it and watching its long tongue slither along the floor.

My mum joked she half expected an announcement to come over the loud speaker about a wild animal having escaped – but it was fine, the iguana is free to roam around, acting like it owns the place.


Before that we had spent a while chatting to the talking parrots on the way in.

The zoo is home to a large variety of animals from around the world. It is one of the newest interactive zoo attractions in the UK, aiming to be the best small family zoo in the country.

The indoor area is home to everything from pythons and bearded dragons to lizards and birds, with a pond for the frogs.

Outside is where you will find the monkeys, meerkats and a goat. We also saw the resident pig, but only because a member of staff had told us to shout “PD” at it – to make it come out of its hut and run at us for food.

The zoo’s owners feel passionately about children having physical access to animals in order to foster a better understanding of wildlife and the natural world around them.

The zoo employs well-trained and highly qualified keepers with a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise.

There are also daily scheduled keeper talks, feeding sessions and demonstrations.

Come rain or shine – whatever the weather and whatever your age – there is always something for you to see, learn, discover and do at the Jungle Zoo.

There is also a small shop, should you wish to buy any souvenirs before leaving.

It does not take long to get around the zoo as it is only small, I’d say about an hour is all you really need, and there isn’t anywhere to have a picnic.

Team it with a visit to the beach and have a go on the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway to make a day of it.

The Jungle Zoo and Lakeside Station where you catch the mini train from are within walking distance of each other, so coupled together make for a good day out, especially if you then go to the seafront for fish and chips.

Both share the same, huge pay and display car park where you can park all day for £5.


LOCATION:  Kings Road, Cleethorpes, DN35 0AG

OPEN: Zoo: 10am to 3.30pm daily. Railway: Check online timetable for operating days.

PRICES: Zoo: adults £4.80, children £4, under-twos: Free. Railway: Fares range from £2.50 to £4 depending on length of journey. Under-threes are free.

CALL: Zoo: 01472 291998. Railway: 01472 604657.



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