Pleasure Island Family Theme Park, Cleethorpes

THEY SAY: Lincolnshire’s Theme Park for all the family, 7 amazing white knuckle rides, 5 great family shows.

WE SAY: A great day out for all the family with rides, animals and indoor fun

FotorCreatedWE like Pleasure Island so much we’ve invested in an annual pass for 2016!

With everything from rides and family shows to a farm and an indoor play area, the only problem you will have at Pleasure Island is fitting it all in.

Inside the park, you will find seven white-knuckle rides, 18 family rides, five family shows and six younger children’s rides – not to mention the kiddies cove outdoor play area and the indoor Tinkerboo Town fun houses.

We had some of the best fun on the huge Astra slide, which also gives great views of the park from the top. We grabbed a mat, climbed to the top then raced down as fast as we could. Parents, you HAVE to try this!


My four-year-old son’s favourite was the pedalo lake boats and the tractor ride, which takes you on a journey around the farm’s paddocks on a high track which he felt like he was driving himself. He particularly loved looking over the animals below and thought it was hilarious seeing the goats standing ON the picnic tables!

TIP: Parking is free

My two-year-old daughter’s favourite was the dodgems, where she laughed out loud when they crashed and the sweet adventure water ride, which is not to be missed. While my friend’s daughter, Abigail, who is six, loved the flying chairs and the mine train.


The highlight of the day for me was watching the sea lion show, where we saw Robert, Zac and Bonnie. We took our seats and saw them perform tricks and high-flying somersaults. It was really impressive seeing them clap and carefully follow instructions.

View the park map here.


Other shows include a bird show, magic show and the African Acrobat show, so there really is something for everyone.

TIP: Choose your seats wisely for the sea lion show. If it’s wet on the floor where you’re sat, you will get splashed so move back!

McCormacks Restaurant and bar is where you will find live entertainment for all the family, from children’s entertainers to live bands and cabaret. It’s ideal to stop off at on your way out for an evening’s entertainment.


Picnic Time! There’s plenty of open space to enjoy a picnic!
  • Reviewed September 2015

Pleasure Island has now closed down

One thought on “Pleasure Island Family Theme Park, Cleethorpes

  1. I took your advice and went to this park it was the best my best ride was the Boomer and and we did get a season pass so much fun


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