Dinostar Museum, Hull

THEY SAY: The exciting, interactive dinosaur museum. A children’s museum with dinosaurs!

WE SAY: If you’re in the Marina area, pop in. Very small and won’t take long to get round, but prices reflect this.

IT’S the place you can see, touch, hear and smell dinosaurs in a unique exhibition of dinosaurs and fossils.

Highlights include a Tyrannosaurus rex skull, Triceratops bones you can touch, and a unique dinosaur sound box.

It’s probably the smallest museum I’ve ever been to, but the children, aged six, four and two had a good time.

The entry price (£1.50 for children) perhaps represents the fact the museum won’t provide you with a full day out, or even a full afternoon. However,  if you’re out and about on Hull’s Marina, the Dinostar museum is somewhere you could pop into.

Based in Humber Street – Hull’s developing arts quarter – the attraction is close to The Deep, in the revamping Fruit Market area of Hull’s Old Town.

It’s billed as a dinosaur and fossil shop with an interactive exhibition, which is about right – we were there for just over an hour.

By far the best part for our children was collecting the dinosaur stamps as we made our way through the museum.


They also loved the play area upstairs, where they could dig in sand to find a dinosaur skeleton and play on the computer. Here, we rested our feet and had a gossip whilst the children played. Would have been nice if we could have got a coffee there actually!

They also enjoyed practising drawing dinosaurs with the stencils provided.

All the way around, children are encouraged to read and learn. We learned very few genuine dinosaur bones are actually on public exhibition. The rarity of fossil remains means that most museums display casts or replicas of excavated specimens.

We also learned that, despite the Tyrannosaurus Rex being the most famous dinosaur, very few have actually been found.


The museum also offers workshops that feature hands-on sessions, illustrated with some of Dinostar’s fascinating collection of dinosaur exhibits.

School visits to Dinostar are welcomed, even when Dinostar is not open to the public, and groups of up to 60 can be accommodated.

Pre-booked groups are charged £1 for each member of the party and teachers are invited to make free familiarisation visits whenever Dinostar is open to the public.

There is free parking with a three- hour limit in the surrounding area of the attraction, including directly outside Dinostar.

  • Reviewed May 2015


LOCATION: 28-29 Humber Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU1 1TH

OPEN: Every Sunday, 11am to 5pm.

PRICES: Adults £3, children and senior citizens £1.50.

CALL: 01482 320424.

VISIT: www.dinostar.co.uk


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