Twycross Zoo, Atherstone, Warwickshire

THEY SAY:  The zoo is renowned as a specialist primate centre and has a wide variety of monkeys and all four great ape species.

WE SAY: Get up close to a wide range of animals on a fantastic day out for children of all ages.

YOU quite often need a long lens to see animals when you go to a zoo – but that’s not the case at Twycross.

We were able to get up close to a variety of animals including elephants and giraffes (which stank!) which made for a brilliant day out.

image-02-03-16-09-05-3Twycross Zoo has come a long way since opening in 1963. It is a specialist primate centre with a wide variety of monkeys and apes with many other species including some of the most endangered on our planet.

There’s more than 500 animals from almost 150 species on show including Asian elephants, snow leopards, meerkats, penguins, gorillas, tortoises and giraffes.


The zoo, a registered charity, places a strong emphasis on creating natural habitats for its animals to live in, to better replicate their environment out in the wild and I was really impressed by the variety of animals they are able to do this with.

The highlight of the day for my son, Oliver, 5 and daughter, Jasmine 2, was feeding the birds in the aviary.

Mummy and Jasmine feed the birds

If you’re lucky enough they’ll land on your arm as they eat of the little plastic cups which can be purchased for £1.

image-02-03-16-09-05 (1)

TIP: Remember to take the baby wipes as it’s likely you will be pooed on from a great height in the aviary!

But the zoo is about much more than just getting to see animals. It is at the forefront of conservation, education and research and has a strong commitment to its education programme which aims to increase the level of awareness of visitors about animals and their plight in the world.

image-02-03-16-09-05-5 (1)
Bella, Oliver, Jasmine and Liliana enjoy the woodland trail

I found out after our visit on the zoo’s website there’s a schedule of daily events, activities, keeper talks and animal feeds. You can join the meerkats for breakfast at 11am, have lunch with the elephants at 2.30pm and watch the penguins waddle at their lagoon at 12.30pm and 3.30pm. Unfortunately we didn’t know about this – we weren’t told on entry and didn’t see any signs which is a real shame.

Making our own fun: Jumping up and down in muddle puddles. #gottobedone #onlyyoungonce #makingmemories

There’s a few places to eat and drink on site. There’s also plenty of indoor and outdoor picnic areas. Despite visiting in February half term, our kids decided it wasn’t too cold for a slush! The adults went for tea and coffee though!


There’s also a few adventure play areas for the kids to have a play and a run around and let off some stem.

image-02-03-16-09-05-10 (1)


On site there’s also a huge indoor soft play area which can be accessed independently of the zoo. Whether you visit the zoo or not, you still need to pay for the soft play jungle seperately. I think they should let those who have paid for the zoo in for free.

The zoo also offers a wide range of experiences, including being a keeper for the day and a photography workshop. They also host weddings and birthday parties.


image-02-03-16-09-05-15 (1)
Happy little lady after such a fun day out!


  • Reviewed February 2016


Need to know…

LOCATION: Burton Road, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 3PX

OPEN: Daily from 10am until 5pm.

PRICES: If booked online: Adult: £17.05, Children: £12.30 and under three’s are free.

FACILITIES:  scooter hire, places to eat, free parking, baby changing rooms, cash point.

CALL:0844 474 1777








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