Blue Kangaroo, Cottingham

THEY SAY: A fantastic children’s indoor adventure play centre. We have capped our age limit to 8 years old to help reduce the all too familiar scene of older kids riding rough shot over the younger ones.

WE SAY: Perfect indoor soft play for younger children. I’ll be sad when mine are too old to go.


When you’ve got young children, there is nothing worse than allowing them to enter the world of the huge indoor play centres where you know they are likely to get trampled on by the bigger kids within seconds.

Every parent knows smaller children are easy prey for the spotty teenager who can push and shove in the dark corners while mum enjoys a gossip with friends, blissfully unaware her child is tormenting the others.

It’s for this reason I’ve always avoided the big play centres – especially on a rainy day – so I was really pleased when I was introduced to Blue Kangaroo, which is everything its larger counterparts are not.

The adventure play and party centre in Cottingham has a capped age limit of eight years old – so the younger ones won’t get duffed up by the older ones!

It goes without saying the kids love the multi-level adventure play frames, but it’s also a very pleasant experience for adults, too.

Firstly, it’s a lot smaller than the massive indoor play centres where the kids tend to get lost.

The adventure play equipment has been designed and positioned to allow parents to sit back, relax (if you’re lucky) and enjoy a drink, snack or meal and still keep a close eye on the children from almost any seat in the centre.

Staff are very friendly and there is also a great café serving a variety of hot and cold food, with proper filter coffee.

If you want somewhere indoors, it’s the perfect place to take the kids to allow them to let off some steam without the worry of them being pushed and shoved by the older kids.

It’s obvious a lot of thought has gone into developing the intimate family entertainment centre.

There is a separate area designed for children under three, which includes a two- level padded play frame with biff bags, over and under runs, a ball pool, a slide and soft play.

The larger area for the four to eight-year- olds includes a bigger double slide, spinners, steps, wobbly floors, biff bags, roller squeezes, spiders webs and tunnels

TIP: Socks must be worn at all times so don’t forget!

All play equipment is RoSPA-checked and has been created to provide challenges that will help develop your children’s co-ordination, fitness and social skills, all in the shape of fun.

There is also a large area with Little Tykes cars for your little ones to race each other in.

My son Oliver loves the place so much he chose it as the venue for his fourth birthday party, and my daughter had her 3rd birthday party there.

In the past I’ve hired a venue and sorted our own invites, food and entertainment, which can actually be quite stressful – especially for a December birthday, when it’s a busy time of year anyway.

This year, I booked Blue Kangaroo and they took care of it all. It was so nice on the day being able to enjoy the party with my son and his friends, rather than being in the background setting out the food and blowing up balloons.

When I add up what I’ve spent on previous birthdays, it was actually very good value for money at Blue Kangaroo.

On the day, I felt I’d forgotten something because all I needed to do was turn up with Oliver. It was so stress-free it was worth every penny.

You can host your party at Blue Kangaroo for £7.95 per child, which includes 90 minutes of play, plus 30 minutes of food in the dedicated party room, unlimited juice, a balloon for each child and a free return visit voucher for the birthday child.

Jasmine’s 2nd birthday party – April 2015

Optional extras include pass the kangaroo and pin the tail on the kangaroo. Or, you can do as I did and hire out the entire venue for £225, which includes 20 invites, including food.

It was so nice having the entire place to ourselves. Oliver thought it was brilliant he knew everyone there and it was special that it was closed to all others because it was his birthday.

The only problem is, we’ve been to so many great parties there, that if we now go on our own, Oliver asks what time the party food is going to be served!


  • Reviewed April 2015


Need to know….

LOCATION: Finkle Street, Cottingham, HU16 4AZ.

OPEN: Monday to Saturday, from 9am, with last admission 5pm, and Sunday, from 10am, with last admission at 4pm.

PRICES: Babies under eight months old enter for free. Nine months to three years: £2.95. Four to eight year olds: £3.95. Adults: 50p.

CALL: 01482 844200.




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