CBeebies Land at Alton Towers Resort

THEY SAY: CBeebies Land is the only place where you can meet all your favourite CBeebies characters. With free entry for all children under three.

WE SAY: A must if you have pre-school children!

IF you have pre-school aged children you must take them to CBeebies Land. Must. We went two days running and the kids would have gone back for a third.

Based within the Alton Towers Theme Park in Staffordshire, the world’s first CBeebies Land is full of TV character rides and attractions.

TIP: Children aged three and under go FREE! You can get their tickets online or at the turnstiles

As soon as you walk into the magical land, you hear the familiar theme tunes to your children’s favourite shows and almost feel as if you have stepped into your TV. Trust me, your little ones will love it.


It really is a magical place for young children, where they can do everything from driving Postman Pat’s van, to taking a gentle boat ride through the In The Night Garden set.

View from one of the rides

TIP: To get into CBeebies Land you have to pay the Alton Towers entrance fee because there’s no separate entrance. CBeebies Land is inside Alton Towers so even if you’re taking very young children to CBeebies Land you might as well explore the entire theme park. There are several rides for smaller children 

Seeing my three-year old son’s face light up as he drove Pat’s famous red van was worth the visit alone.

Postman Pats van

The ride takes you through Greendale, picking the right parcels to deliver to the village’s favourite residents as they drive along.

Driving Pat’s Van!

Next was a visit inside Justin’s House. The Pie-O-Matic Factory is full of fun chaos where you can shoot foam balls at each other, go down slides, and basically just run about in a stupidly colourful room. I think the rules are, there are no rules.



Justine’s mad house!

My personal favourite was the In The Night Garden boat ride. Despite the fact the theme tune completely does my head in, it was actually quite serene floating along looking at the different characters, including seeing Upsy Daisy waving and blowing kisses and the Tombliboos playing peek-a-boo. Everyone was there to find, including Igglepiggle.

View from the Boat Ride



We also visited Mr Bloom’s allotment and Nina and the Neurons Science Lab, as well as Charlie and Lola’s home on Crocodile Street.

In CBeebies Land, as well as all the rides, there is also a pre-school-age-friendly outdoor park and a sensory garden where you can follow Mr Tumble’s spotty bag trail and look out for some special objects as you wind your way through the woodland and garden.


Adventure Playground in CBeebies Land

It was a hot day when we were also lucky enough to see the ZingZillas live on stage at the Big Fun Showtime. We sat on the grass to watch the show and chilled with a drink and it felt like a kids’ festival. It was fab.

Big Fun Showtime is a good place to get some shade too
First-ever festival fun

TIP: There are are two baby changing facilities available in CBeebies Land for both Mums and Dads to use. There are private feeding rooms in the toilets located in Big Fun Show Time and in the toilets located next to Justin’s House.


Oliver and Jasmine Lovell with Charlie and Lola

Under threes can experience all of CBeebies Land except for Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure and Justin’s House. Despite the fact my children are only three and 13 months old, we still went into the main Alton Towers theme park too and found rides suitable for them. Head over to Cloud Cuckoo Land and Sharkbait Reef By Sea Life for rides and attractions suitable for younger children.

Driving School in Alton Towers


The park offers an unrivaled selection of theme park rides and attractions for the whole family. It’s not difficult to see why Alton Towers is the UK’s leading theme park.

If you can be bothered to go on the bigger rides, you can get the Parent Queue Share passes. One parent queues in the usual way, and gets the pass stamped by the ride attendant. Parent two meets parent one after the ride and takes the pass to the ride host via the access point to enter the ride.

Click here for the theme park map.


We choose to stay overnight in the Splash Landings Hotel, which is on site. It was definitely worth it because if you pay to stay and to enter the park you can get tickets for the next day for free. It meant we didn’t have to rush it all in one day and could make a proper mini-break out of it.

The family rooms have bunk beds and a double bed

In the Splash Landings Hotel there’s also early-evening entertainment, led by the Kids Club crew. There’s no big stage – it was more of a platform, but the staff entertained the kids whilst we had a pre-dinner drink.

TIP: Book your evening meal in the hotel early on – we arrived and expected to be seated and had to wait until 9pm to eat. #mummyfail

Kids Club crew leading the kids fun

Plus, those who stay in the hotel are given access to the theme park an hour earlier than those with day passes, so on our second day we made sure we were in the park for 9am and were able to try every ride in CBeebies Land before everyone else was let in at 10am, when the queues became really long.

View from our hotel room

We also paid for waterpark passes – if you have time, this is a must. The waterpark is inside the Splash Landings Hotel and is perfect for all ages.

TIP: If you stay over, you can park free of charge


Splash Landings Waterpark
Mummy and Jasmine at Splash Landings Waterpark

TIP: Alton Towers has its own app  if you want to check the map and queuing times

  • Reviewed May 2014


Need to know…

LOCATION:Alton Towers Theme Park, Alton, Staffordshire ST10 4DB. Three hours’ drive from Hull.

OPEN:March to November. With certain rides open for Christmas breaks. See website for full details.

PRICES: For the main theme park prices start from £37.80 for an adult and £34.20 for children aged three and over for a one day ticket. Under three’s go free.  Cheaper online.


  • Buggy Hire: Single £7, Double: £10. Buggies aren’t suitable for babies.
  • PARKING: Standard: £6 per day. Express: £16 per day.
  • Baby changing rooms and feeding rooms
  • Lockers

VISIT: www.altontowers.com

Call: 0871 222 3330.


Flamingoland, North Yorkshire

Lightwater Valley,. North Yorkshire





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  1. Hi,just wanted to say a massive thank you for your wonderful and detailed review of Alton towers,I took my 2 year old daughter and she loved it! I was a little sceptical about going until I read Your review,and I’m so glad we decided to go,thank you and happy outings!

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